Royalty in his own right, Chef Porter willingly toes the line between professional culinary and artistic endeavors, which he has been massively succeeding at. A highly acclaimed celebrity chef with his own cooking shows and a recent feature in the Netflix series ‘Pressure Cooker’, Porter creates blueprints for some of the most tantalizing dishes imaginable. He has those gifted hands and the brain to work with them, ensuring that every time he puts on the toque Blanche (white hat), white double-breasted jacket, pants in those black-and-white houndstooth patterns, and apron, he unleashes something mouthwateringly special!

He has always conjured up similarities between these two distinct fields as far as the preparation process and execution are concerned. His Midas touch extends to his music, as evidenced by his latest track, ‘@ Your Service’ – a raw masterpiece characterized by thoughtful flows and unrivaled cadences.

In this track, Porter lyrically explores his culinary career, its personal significance, and how it intersects with his artistry, seamlessly blending the realms of gastronomy and music.

The beat is hypnotic and nostalgic, reminiscent of old-school production, and offers the perfect backdrop for Porter’s expressive delivery.

On the mic, he never fails to fascinate with his efficient wordplay, erudite rhymes, and masterful flows, vividly painting pictures with his competent rap technique.

There are wise perspectives, some rather boastful rhymes, and direct and hard-hitting punchlines to make this an all-around performance. He rhymes;

“Chef ain’t a nickname I’m testing
this here’s the real deal Holyfield no ingesting
Huh Or rather bitting involved
I’m a …pro In the game you can check the resolve but ohh” really hit me right in the feels.

Like his previous release, “Perfect Pictures”, Porter also worked with iconic producer Mark Byrd on this new jam that has generated massive buzz and is earning him further widespread acclaim from fans and critics.

To enjoy the immersive experience of this masterpiece, follow the provided link and consider adding this track to your playlist without delay.

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