In his seventh installment, “Solomon” by Cassper Nyovest is a defining moment in South African hip-hop history. With unwavering confidence, he embarks on a journey that plunges into the depths of parenthood, the intricacies of loss, and the relentless pursuit of longevity. Against a backdrop of soulful and triumphant production, the album weaves introspective rhymes and boastful bars, beckoning listeners to traverse Nyovest’s past, savor the present, and envision the future. Nyovest aptly labels it a “personal album,” and his dedication to crafting a timeless classic shines through every track. ‘Solomon’ is not just about embracing earthly vices but also seeking spiritual enlightenment, embodying the wisdom, achievement, and prosperity of its namesake. With invigorating drill basslines, opulent rap, and melodious R&B, this album cements Nyovest’s reign in S.A hip-hop.

Cassper Nyovest launches the album with “Bashimane,” a powerful boom-bap beat that establishes his lyrical prowess. In this track, he confidently establishes his authority in South African hip-hop. With clever wordplay and a charismatic flow, he delves into his journey from humble beginnings to becoming a dominant force in the industry.

“Who Jah Bless” showcases Nyovest’s introspective side. He reflects on life’s complexities, struggles, and blessings. A blend of insightful lyrics and a laid-back instrumental creates a reflective atmosphere, allowing listeners to connect with the artist on a deeper level. “Balmain” is a gritty and unapologetic track where Nyovest asserts his dominance. He addresses critics and rivals with sharp verses and a fearless attitude. The track’s production adds to its intensity, making it a standout piece on the album.

In “Ever Changing Times” Nyovest takes a nostalgic trip through his career, reflecting on the evolution of hip-hop and his own journey. He emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself despite the ever-changing landscape of the music industry. The incorporation of Aretha Franklin’s vocals adds a soulful touch to the song.

In “Candlelight,” Cassper Nyovest delivers a heartfelt tribute to friends and loved ones who have passed away, and he now adds his own personal touch to honor the memory of a fellow artist, Costa Titch, whose untimely death shook the South African music industry earlier this year. Nyovest’s emotional depth shines through as he reflects on the loss, and he pays homage to Costa Titch with the poignant words, “Another candlelight for Costa, Big Flexa.” Its somber yet uplifting tone, along with its meaningful lyrics, offers solace and remembrance in the face of tragedy. The record’s emotional core and high point extend to encompass the late rapper AKA as well. He transcends past conflicts with AKA and embraces forgiveness and closure, using the song as a means to work through his own grief and turmoil.

“Chomie Lover Friend” featuring Nobantu Vilakazi, Windows 2000 & Alie Keys presents a smooth and soulful vibe. Windows 2000 sets the tone with a soothing pre-chorus that establishes the theme of seeking companionship and connection. The chorus emphasizes the desire for a special someone who can be a “summer rose” and play multiple roles as a friend, lover, and confidant. Cassper Nyovest’s verse adds depth to the song, expressing the longing for a meaningful connection. Nobantu Vilakazi’s contribution in the third verse introduces a fresh perspective, creating a sense of dialogue within the track.

“Beautiful Mind” embraces a mellow and romantic atmosphere. Cassper Nyovest narrates a chance encounter with a woman who leaves a lasting impression on him. Its lyrics are filled with admiration and respect, as he refrains from pursuing her due to her existing relationship. The chorus repeatedly emphasizes the woman’s beauty and the potential for a future connection. The song maintains a light-hearted and positive vibe throughout, making it an enjoyable listen.

“After 10” is split into two parts, each offering a different perspective. Part I begins with a reflective tone as Cassper Nyovest acknowledges his ten years in the music industry. He highlights his achievements, the growth of his career, and his influence within the industry. The verse emphasizes the hard work and dedication that have propelled him to success. In Part II, Nasty C’s presence is subtly felt in the background, adding to the energetic and braggadocious vibe. Cassper Nyovest and the uncredited Nasty C exchange verses, showcasing their lyrical prowess and confidently asserting their positions in the industry.

Wait, our journey isn’t over yet. As we delve further into the remaining tracks, we encounter “018” featuring Maglera Doe Boy, which promises to be an exciting collaboration. “It’s Not The Same” and “Blow Your Lungs” bring their own unique flavors, ensuring that the album maintains its dynamic energy and introspective depth. So, take a moment to listen to ‘Solomon,’ available on all major streaming platforms. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to his music, this album is a must-listen that will leave you inspired.