On what appears to be the very final musical lap, Candlebox is exiting the stage in style with the release of their new 15-track album ‘A Little Longer Goodbye (Tour Edition).’ Candlebox’s reputation precedes them; with a career spanning over decades, this band has provided us with back-to-back classic rock hits. They have been responsible for creating the soundtracks of our generations, and though the journey hasn’t always been smooth, they have always found a way to get back together and come back harder with tracks oozing raw talent, critically deserved acclaim, and charisma. Preserving the purity of authentic rock in the most creative and ingenious of ways, Candlebox’s place at the top is most certainly secured.

The final dance, the victory lap, and simply the perfect way to exit the stage—Candlebox is gearing up for the release of their last album, ‘A Little Longer Goodbye (Tour Edition),’ which has some of the most epic, energetic, and emotionally resonant rock songs I have listened to in a while.

With this 15-track collection, Candlebox gives you more than just the music; they provide you with an experience worth savoring as the songs unfold like scenes of a Christopher Nolan written and directed film. They take you back to the golden age in an instant and still find room to step into the future, allowing you to feel the heart, soul and passion that went into every track.

The emotional resonance of a jam like “What Do You Need” featuring Mona is palpable. This is not just rock music; it is heart music. The lyrical prowess and instrumental craftsmanship showcased makes the heart grow in size. The song is hauntingly beautiful and unforgettable. I don’t know what Candlebox did to make it so memorable and emotive, but they did, and that is all that matters. This opener is by far my favorite from the album. I just couldn’t get enough of it.

Even with a song like “Who Are You,” Candlebox takes you on this mellow yet expressive odyssey. The energy is there, but nothing has been overdone, and that is what makes it feel so golden. The lead vocalist, Kevin Martin, breathes life with his emotive vocals over a stunning backdrop made up of striking riffs, stylish bass, and punchy, straight-to-the-point and precise drums.

The pounding thrill of the drums in ‘Punks’ fills the air with punk energy—a fitting complement to the track’s title. The driving riffs and insane bass licks underscore the song’s infectious energy as the singer’s self-assured vocals elevate the song to new heights. It is in each member’s unique and idiosyncratic ability that the band’s collective power and identity is found, allowing for this cohesive masterpiece to feel the way it feels.

Can you imagine that these are just three tracks from a haunting collection of 15, with surprise bonus tracks that are worthy of fanfare? Imagine no more, because on July 12th, 2024, Candlebox will officially unveil ‘A Little Longer Goodbye (Tour Edition)’ for their crazed fans as well as new listeners who are intrigued by the raw authenticity of rock music.

‘A Little Longer Goodbye (Tour Edition)’ promises a haunting and evocative musical journey in which the anticipation is fueled by Candlebox’s established reputation for crafting immersive and emotionally resonant rock tours de force.

As the musical world eagerly awaits the opportunity to immerse themselves in the haunting melodies of ‘A Little Longer Goodbye (Tour Edition),’ the promise of a compelling musical narrative is undoubtedly on the horizon!