Calaburr, is a musical maverick blazing this undeniable trail, winning the hearts of hip-hop and rap music lovers with his dynamic and innovative style of Jerk music that is characterized by its atmospheric cadence, out-of-the box songwriting, and infectious energy. He is a well-traveled man who has traversed the world, interacting with different people and cultures—something that he incorporates into his music to give it that international appeal. He refuses to stand still and is not someone you can box, as he does not believe in limitation when it comes to his creativity and expression. I’m just listening to his 6-song EP “elegance” and it is a project that stands out thanks to how haunting, atmospheric, and infectious it is. Calaburr’s willingness to experiment with genre-defying sounds and styles is quite evident here, and that is what makes this project super special.

A high-end collection featuring collaborations from the best underground rap artists such as Barretta, YhapoJJ, PhreshBoySwag, XavierSoBased & Oodaredevil, “elegance” is the most balanced and coherent Jerk mixtape to date. It took six months of relentless hard work, determination, and pure passion to come up with such a bona fide standout that stands the test of time and showcases the tremendous gifts of an artist like Calaburr.

And he did not just appear from nowhere; his success today is no fluke at all. His exemplary gifts, hard work, and determination have put him here, elevating him to greatness and earning him the critical acclaim of influential figures such as Lil Xan, YhapoJJ, Lil B and XavierSoBased & more, all who want to be part of this trailblazing musical journey.

It speaks volumes about Calaburr’s artistic depth and integrity that, four months after his official release, he was already landing big placements with huge artists. He is also the owner of his independent label, “CEO MusiX” where the dreams of upcoming talents are being turned into reality.

What you need to understand is that he was all positive with “elegance.” There are some dark, atmospheric, upbeat, and heavily instrumental jams in here, but the aim was self-empowerment, making you, the listener, feel like your own boss and capable of achieving just about anything.

So, as the EP plays from one track to the next, imagine you are the one calling the shots. Let the feelings sink in as much as the music, and do it all over again tomorrow and the day after.

“elegance” is a dynamic and innovative blend of styles, catering to fans of both Jerk and underground rap while pushing the boundaries of traditional hip-hop music. Enjoy!