From a young age, Caj Flow has channeled his emotions through music, and is fast becoming the artist to watch in Canada’s independent music scene thanks to his unwavering commitment to innovation, artistic excellence, and breaking down genre barriers. Ashavari, known for her compelling voice that seamlessly blends strength and sensitivity, adds her unique flair to this collaboration. Teaming up for the first time since their 2021 single “compromise”, “CIRCLES!” marks their powerful entry into the pop-punk arena, promising a fresh and exciting sound for the genre.

With a refreshing blend of pop punk melodies that are infectious and energetic, “CIRCLES!” is a dark-inspired anthem with emotion-drenched lyrics about the life-draining battle with anxiety and mental health.

Caj Flow sets the tone with his bold vocals, levitating over this vibrant blend of rhythm and melody, packing an appropriate punch with his raw and honest words that come straight from his heart.

The incredibly gifted songstress Ashavari complements the track’s emotional weight with her own poignant lyrics, delivered via her powerhouse vocals, ultimately elevating the song to new emotional heights.

“CIRCLES!” is memorable and emotionally resonant and hits so close to home because we have all battled with anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges, and even now, there is someone out there who is battling demons others know nothing of.

With this track, both Caj Flow and Ashaveri wanted to appeal to your hurting self, provide solace, and make you feel less alone.
This track is meant to inspire and uplift anyone feeling a little overwhelmed with life as it is. It is a timely reminder that just because you’re stuck in a bad chapter in your life doesn’t mean you have to throw the whole book away. Always remember that every storm eventually runs out of rain!

“CIRCLES!” is something you listen to with your eyes closed and the sun shining down on your face. I suggest you do so right at this moment, and if it pleases you, consider checking out Caj Flow and Ashavari’s impressive catalog and getting acquainted with the genre-bending creativity that has flanked their career thus far.


Caj Flow | Ashavari