Cagri Raydemir Black or White

Cagri Raydemir’s unwavering passion for music was fueled as early as 13 when he started playing the guitar, and it has never faltered. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of genres and styles within rock music, Cagri creates music that is at once challenging and captivating. As an adventurous soul, he likes to explore with different sounds and instruments, an approach that has allowed him to enter the world of avant-garde with his unique style and original sound, earning him great adulation from his ever-expanding fanbase.

His diverse repertoire features 12 albums and 6 EPs released so far; “Black or White” is the latest addition to this impressive catalog. This 4-track set features tracks that are essentially different from one another but share common qualities in raw energy, performance quality, and impact

Throughout this collection, even an inexperienced listener can appreciate the instrumental prowess, technique, and precision in “Canary in a Coal Mine” and ‘”Justifiable Hands to Play”, the dynamism in “Undeniable Manifestation,” and the incredible songwriting in “False Certainty”…and this is not to say that these features are mutually exclusive. As a matter of fact, all these tracks share all these elements incredibly, a huge testament to Cagri’s virtuosic artistry.

That awe-inspiring guitar riff in “Canary in a Coal Minel” sets the tone for the track that soon joins an alternative-rock embellished sonic path as Raydemir explores the infinite acoustic rabbit hole with his fancy fingers and a heavenly voice that feels warmly familiar and yet unheard-of!

You’ve got to love the sonic elegance and flair guest jazz performer Julian Hesse adds to the masterpiece “Undeniable Manifestation”. That seamless blend of rock instrumentation with the colorful trumpet is eargasmic, and the rich vocal presentation that flanks it makes this tune feel timeless and undeniably catchy.

I was absolutely in love with the electric guitar technique unleashed on the track “False Certainty,” which gives it such an edge. The guest performer, Salih Korkut Peker, also adds intrigue and pizzazz to this special jam.

“Undeniable Manifestation” is very different compared to the rest, and in a special way. This is an amalgamation of instrumental dexterity, melodic flair, with Cagri Raydemir bringing a sense of theatricality and drama to his performance to create a fully immersive experience for his listener.

“Black or White” is the kind of collection that you absolutely know, from the first listen, will become a part of your daily listening routine.

It is such an honor to recommend to you this heartwarming piece of art that embodies heart and soul…enjoy!

For more information concerning Cagri Raydemir and his music, please follow him on Instagram.

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