C.A.S.H.’s love, passion, and appreciation for music are not things that started yesterday. His love for music has been with him ever since he could mutter words, albeit incoherently. At age 7, he was deep in his psyche, imitating music creation through his boom box and making some seriously terrible music. Not that he cared; he was happily living his passion. Slowly, he began to indulge in the creative process, learning as much as time and his brain allowed. By the time he was a fully-fledged teenager, he was already at the top of his game and knew music was something he wanted to pursue professionally. He is now a developed artist, still learning daily, honing his craft, and producing music that is not only authentic but also identifiable and timeless.

Take a seat and let C.A.S.H. tell you the story of a frustrated woman who represents the voices of so many women out there. The track “Tired” borrows from C.A.S.H.’s deep conversations with his son’s mother and clearly reflects the exasperation of many women looking for something real, a man to commit and be there, only to end up with boys who are not ready to man up.

The intro is hauntingly beautiful with chopped melodic samples, setting a mellifluous tone for the song and giving it an ambient yet dramatic thrill that underscores emotional weight. The track then adopts a futuristic beat, providing the ideal backdrop for C.A.S.H.’s rap-singing fluidity.

C.A.S.H. has a distinctive voice, perfect for this style, and here he shines with rap-sing dexterity, stretching the limits of both styles impeccably.

I love what they do with the beat, especially when he sings the catchy hooks, ‘she so tired of guys playing games.’ There is an unmistakable dancehall element, elevating the song to epic heights.

‘Tired’ is a certified anthem with eclectic appeal. It speaks volumes about the versatility, authenticity, and artistic integrity of C.A.S.H., which is why it deserves a place in your favorite playlist.

Do C.A.S.H. the honor of adding this banger to your library and recommending it to someone.