The music of Byron’s Brigades, a solo music project belonging to Andrea Biron, could be described as raw and captivating rock with eclectic appeal. This means that you cannot manage to pigeonhole him because he’s as eclectic as it gets—perhaps leaning towards a genre-bending sound that combines a host of other influences to create something with universal appeal. Trying to put him in a box would result in epic failure. Regardless of where one would put Byron’s Brigades in the musical genre chart, he does his best to push the genre boundaries and not limit himself to what type of music he provides. In order to enjoy him, you have to embrace the very wild, free, and adventurous spirit that guides his musical spirit!

Byron’s Brigades is back with a captivating, energetic, and memorable jam dubbed “Every 1’s a Winner” which is his sixth record released so far. Building on what was initially there in the form of fuzzy guitar sounds and the main driving riffs of the song, he conjures up this beautifully vast and spacious sonic brightness that feels good to listen to.

Tapping into the shimmering contemporary rock world, Byron’s Brigades steps into modernity and takes the best elements, rolling them into this wonderfully textured soundscape that has irresistible energy.

“Every 1’s a Winner” features a great combination of color and edginess as it bears an excellent rock drive and a vibrant groove that will have your body moving within the first few seconds. The track is unique but familiar, refreshing, crisp, and inviting all at the same time.

The vocals are squeaky clean and crystal clear, lucidly commanding with their velvety, crisp edge and giving this song its long-lasting life.

The uniquely modern twists and turns that Byron’s Brigades infuses here are sound design achieved right. The end result really speaks for itself: a tour de force in contemporary rock music transcendence!

I cannot stress enough how it’s of vital importance that you get to experience this track here and now…you’ll be glad you did!