Bunny Daniels is an unorthodox singer and songwriter who prides herself on her versatility and artistic vision. She delivers a range from velvety softness to sultry R&B, pop, jazz, and soul. Drawing from her personal experiences, Bunny’s music resonates with raw, heartfelt energy. Her creative process involves drawing inspiration from key moments and crafting songs that are both urgent and vulnerable. Her rich west coast upbringing, insatiable love, and passion for music have shaped her distinctive sound. Last year, she unfortunately suffered a vocal injury, which kept her from her first love for a whole year. What ensued was a rigorous healing process, taking it one day at a time, and here she emerges, like a phoenix, with the most beautiful and catchy song I have listened to in a while; ‘Like That.’ I mean, what a comeback!

The tender vocalization and soft introductory tone that don’t last long but are enough to captivate you lay the foundation as Bunny Daniels immediately breathes life with those catchy hooks, ‘Did you know that you got it like that,’ singing repeatedly and effortlessly inviting you to tag along.

The beat is lively and upbeat, and it features an unmistakable nostalgic familiarity from its distinctive old-school R&B and soul colors backed by subtle jazz sensibilities. This wholesome foundation provides a smooth landing for Bunny’s vocal prowess as she captivates way beyond the five senses with that mellifluent voice.

It will not be lost on listeners how Bunny has that old-school powerhouse voice and range, reminiscent of some of the greatest R&B singers of all time. And considering that she is just recovering from a vocal injury, I revere her even more. This is a testament to her tremendous vocal talent, songwriting knack, and resilient spirit.

With a revived appreciation for music following that vocal injury that kept her out of the scene for a year, listeners can expect much more from Bunny Daniels the rest of the year; ‘Like That’ serves as a precursor and is just in time for those endless summer parties.

How about you experience your new favorite anthem, ‘Like That,’ and brag about it to your friends… I, for one, like playing music that no one else has heard before and watching as curiosity builds on their faces as they itch to ask me all about it! I couldn’t possibly be the only one with this kind of musical fetish, right? That’s what I thought!