A complete artist has always been the sum of many parts and for one Broken who started making music as a rapper back in 2015, the rich fabric of a lifetime of musical influences, the swagger of his own non-conformist nature, and his love for variety and complexity has allowed him to take his sound to another new level by incorporating the more melodic and hard-hitting pop punk and rock. Suffice it to say that he is now demanding the industry’s attention; winning over fans and critics alike with his big, bold, sometimes brash, and textured sound that takes lead from a broad selection of styles.

Setting an immediate tone with sizzling electric percussion and a firm bass, “Greedy” breaks down into a sparkling spiral of pop-punk and rock, with the thunderous drum line and plenty of crashing guitars echoing a visceral, slightly nostalgic, and cleverly modern sound that hits hard and drugs you under in an instance.

In this masterpiece, Broken featured singer Ny Luciano, and wizard producer SkGotTheSauce produced this banger. I just love how consistently groovy this masterpiece is, with the abundantly layered instrumentation fitting nicely into the sound anatomy to engineering a complete body of work that cannot be denied by anyone who likes their music eclectic and with a dominant dash of rock percussion!

As the track builds, there are moments where the rawness of pop replaces the overt beauty of rock, allowing for a more nuanced and relatable listening experience perfectly suited for pop enthusiasts. Broken really does deliver on the vocal front; his vocals just fit in perfectly as he goes on to make an anthem out of this jam so easily and remarkably.

There is so much to love about “Greedy”: it has been superbly performed, exquisitely produced, and lovingly arranged. It is therefore little surprise that the audio release on YouTube already has over 36K views in such a short period of time!

The time is now to experience something great, something magical and exceptional; follow the attached link, subscribe to Broken’s YouTube channel, like this release, and add it to your favorite playlist!

(51) Broken -Greedy Feat. Ny Luciano (Prod.By SkGotTheSauce) – YouTube

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