Brian Beecher draws from his own life to express his feelings in the manner of vivid storytelling through his lyrics and catchy melodies. He believes he has come a long way in terms of learning songcraft, and while he admits he is not there yet, he is far better than he was when he first began. Brian has been expressing relatable feelings in the form of singing, songwriting, and creating beautiful melodies in pop, folk, country, and other interesting genres. He comes off as a non-conformist, although he always maintains a consistent brand that his listeners can identify him with!

His latest single, “Lady of the Books” has all the markings of a viral hit! Adopting an earnest tone complemented by his profoundly touching lyrics, this tune was inspired by Brian’s favorite librarian from his local library who at the time of writing this retired and those memories, like a déjà vu came back to Brian and he decided to make it a song.

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Brian admits that this is the crown jewel of his songwriting, and after listening to this masterpiece severally, I can confirm that this is indeed songcraft at its best. The delicate lyrics performed with his warm, manly vocals that float nicely over the smooth and laid-back melodies reach the core of musical satisfaction!

It’s just fascinating how this tune cuts across various genres; the blissful tones echo a folksy attitude, and the design itself is pop-ish while the storytelling is quintessentially country music-inspired. The melodies are soothing and the best to introspect over from start to finish as they reel you in and whisk you to within a feeling distance of paradise.

“Lady of the Book” is now available on your favorite platforms. Follow the attached link so as to get acquainted with Brian Beecher’s work!