Brandon Strife is no stranger when it comes to hip-hop and rap music; this West Coast-based rapper and artist worked his way to the top of West Coast rap and won himself widespread acclaim while at it before taking a long break to focus on himself, deal with some personal losses, and ultimately sharpen his skills and cadence. He has survived demons that so many of us would be destroyed by, and now he seeks to deliver music with that personal appeal by tapping into his own personal experiences—the good and the ugly, the highs and lows, the right and the wrongs, and the ups and downs. He’s now more dedicated than ever to leaving an indelible mark with his organic and personal style of hip-hop music and helping push the music industry forward!

After a year-long hiatus, the raw track “Shiftin” marks Brandon’s musical comeback. He really went above and beyond, tapping into his personal experiences, including the loss of his father and brother, as well as modern-day relationship challenges, to create something unique and relatable.

His pen game is replete with masterful flows and thought-provoking bars over a nostalgic and hypnotic beat. He brings such a strong presence to the beat, exuding charm and confidence with his emotive delivery and impeccable flow.

He hits all the right notes with the old-school production, which is the perfect fit for his unmatched lyrical finesse, taking a listener all the way from the start to the end.

The accompanying music video is quite a visual treat and the perfect complement to this standout track.

“Shiftin” exemplifies Brandon’s growth and enlightenment, evoking a profound sense of introspection and determination. He really pours himself out, connecting with a listener on a deep emotional level, exactly like he envisioned with this project.

The rap industry has been put on high alert following this epic comeback…Brandon is here to stay and will continue showcasing his inherent artistic capabilities in the best way he knows how while forging that genuine connection with his loyal listeners!

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