Brandon Blvd Son of David

Quick question: are you ready to be led down a path of righteousness, lyrically and sonically? If the answer is yes, you are right where you should be. Sit tight and be ready for this unforgettable musical journey of about 46 minutes and 44 seconds with Brandon Blvd by your side. There will, of course, be instances along the way where some moments will appeal most to you, which is expected due to the time and effort that was put in and thus require several repeat experiences. This journey may take longer, depending on how you like certain tracks!

“Son of David: A Tale of Righteousness” is meant to be enjoyed and not cherry-picked via the remote button. And, which reminds me, it’s incredibly rare to find an album this good. I had the time of my life with it. The last time I enjoyed an album in its entirety was when listening to Metro Boomin’s “Heroes and Villains.”

More than leading a listener towards a path of genuine righteousness, this album is also a tribute to Brandon Blvdown’s late father, whose impact on his life has been immeasurable.

Let’s get right into it, then. Okay, let’s talk about that mega-intro to “A Story of Pain—this masterpiece has a fascinating 90s underground hip hop feel. This is the kind of track that is less heard and more experienced. It is a projection of Brandon’s personal thoughts, emotions, and experiences, and his tailored delivery puts you right beside him as the story unfolds.

His vivid lyrical competence is plain as day, and you can feel that this track comes from a very personal place in his heart, which allows it to connect to its listener on a deep emotional level!

In “David Crockett,” he goes in hard over the sick beats. This banger is a tribute to his late father, an ode to the man of honor and courage and the lessons he passed on to Brandon. At times I found myself breathing on his behalf because men come guns blazing!

“I Found God” embodies the art of emceeing; striking smooth deliverability and intellectual wordplay are juxtaposed by a disruptive, even punitive, war-like delivery over the hypnotic beats that have an accompanying percussive element that I can still feel haunting me even as I write this.

Brandon Blvd transports the listener into the matrix with his ability to paint with words while he chops analytical cadences effortlessly; this is a complete mind-meld going on here that causes spontaneous time travel via the visual metaphors, eloquent conveyance, and such a golden voice!

I won’t lie; “I Found God” really left a lasting impression on me. It’s the track I have listened to on repeat the most.

In “The Righteous,” featuring cameos by rapper Virghost and songstress Mai Ty, Blvd goes for the kill over the mellow, laid-back melodies that exude that old-school R&B and soul vibe.

In “The Outcome,” featuring Mai Ty whom I feel they have such a great connection together, Blvd asserts his lyrical dominance with his innate ability to paint vivid pictures with his words coupled with witty charm transporting a listener into a world of his creation.

Mai Ty injects the tune with a hearty dose of R&B syndrome through her mellifluous and sweet-sounding vocals. Tell you what, “Son of David: A Tale of Righteousness” feels way ahead of its time and is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

This is the kind of rap music you live through like a religious experience; kudos to Blvd and his team for engineering what I can term the soundtracks of our lives!

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