A quintet based out of the beautiful and expansive Chicago, Bowmanville engineers a musical fantasy that always exceeds listeners’ expectations with its rich sound that knows no boundaries when it comes to genre. Their creations are a harmonious fusion of diverse influences, encompassing elements of jazz, blues, and rock with equal dexterity. Their skill in crafting both instrumental and lyrical music, driven by their emotions, imbues each composition with a distinctive and authentic personal touch. They defy traditional expectations and engineer timeless and catchy music that captures the depths of human emotions and otherworldly observations.

Let’s talk about that masterclass that is their self-titled album, an 11-track collection offering over 48 minutes of cathartic and visceral listening experiences that leave you demanding more. This album carries their authentic stamp, with every member of the band tapping into their greatest artistic attributes to contribute to the originality and fascination of each and every tune here.

The opening track, “Annie & Me” has grown its own wings and flown away, so far that the music world can’t help but marvel at such compositional ingenuity. It is little wonder why it has been added to Spotify editorial playlists and has been on heavy rotation on radios all over Chicago—this is a raw masterpiece that features the band’s elegant and edgy stamp all over!

The concoction of the violin, drums, harmonica, bass, and guitar fashions a blues feel with inescapable rock influences. The band taps into that nostalgic sound, adding an undeniable modern day twist to fashion a nostalgic tune with a futuristic vibe. It’s fascinating how this tune manages to be simultaneously relaxing, calming, and invigorating. Bowmanville’s secret to creating such addictive music might be unknown, but whatever they’re doing, it’s working.

“Metal Bird” is another bona fide masterpiece that is almost intriguing from the get-go with that concoction of the percussive, wind, and mouth organ taking you on an exotic trip; the violin has been proficiently placed, the drums add such depth and elegance, the bass and guitar add texture and ambiance, and the harmonica hits all the right spots…you can’t make this stuff up, bro! Other than that, this performance is hypnotic; what more can a listener want?

“Helen’s Theme” feels like a 1940s noir classical film. The only negative thing is that this track ends faster than you would like, arousing your appetite and leaving you craving for more. On a more positive note, it is short and sweet!

“Georgia” features a steady guitar intro that sets the tone and has also been imbued with soulful vocals that are expressive and pertain to the genre appeal of jazz, transporting you to within feeling distance of paradise—a Georgian heaven!

“Don’t Force It” features a filmic intro with a transportational feel, whisking you away to a distant realm where truth abounds. This performance is direct and hard-hitting, maybe inspired by the hard, unsaid truths that we always seem to shy away from.

“Fly Me To The Moon” has to be the most lively, feel-good track from the collection. It features an upbeat and impressive blend of rhythm and melody with sweet sounding vocals that are soul-soothing. As the track progresses, the band unleashes a timeless medley of instrumental prowess, with the violin such a strong element in this arrangement and performed in a way that it does not overpower the rest of the instruments—call that stupendous!

If you are looking for solace or for something to help you express yourself and fuel your own wide-eyed creativity, I’d recommend “Bowmanville”- sounds that transcend music, time, and places…you just have to be here.

Follow the attached link to stream this album in its entirety, and if you like what you hear, let your playlist adopt some of these pieces, if not all!

Follow Bowmanville to keep up with their craft!

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