You can call him the big fish with the way he is making waves with his unparalleled musical style that has no limit. He does not limit himself or chain himself up to the hip-hop style and likes to experiment with his style and flows – fitting in any type of beat with ease and charisma and oozing class and deserved acclaim for the way he dares to entertain with his fascinating improvisations and passionate delivery.

He is an OG and a musical prodigy hailing from Delaware. Besides being a rapper and music producer, he is also a successful businessman who’s had a lot of successful ventures including his own Record Label ‘Paid To Breathe Syndicate’ which boasts an impressive roster of artists including Mo Nicole, Kitty Monroee and many other exceptionally gifted artists.

Bob DeNiro follows his successful album “Evil Genius” with a tighter, more cogent project “Evil Genius 2” that solidifies the Delaware rapper’s name as one to remember The key to Bob DeNiro’s success on his latest self-produced album “Evil Genius 2”, besides the fact that he has a great ear for beats, was the exuberant confidence in every line.

Bob DeNiro exudes confidence in his artistic ability, which may come across as pompous or gauche if he weren’t so undeniably gifted. There is no risk of a bad verse, allowing him to play with the 20-track arrangement. When most rappers release a 10-track album, the discerning listener will hit the skip button around song number five. When Bob DeNiro executes it with “Evil Genius 2,” though, the same listener will play it twice.

Just to sample a few gems: In “Out Of The Way”, the first track of the project, he puts every one of his peers on notice, especially those who are inclined to be an obstacle in his. “Northside” features a, quite clearly reminiscent of other boppy productions such as those of YG and Jadakiss.

Lyrically, you’re not going to miss the covert callbacks to Twista and E40 — with particular regard to his phrasal density and lyrical cadence. Rap fans with an old-head persuasion are definitely apt to find a new fav track in this 1-hour long LP.

But if you’re like me and you happen to be partial to all things surreal and grungy, then “Chemicals” will undoubtedly be your favorite track. ‘Twas definitely mine. There’s a heavy, fuzzy distorted synth-guitar riffing throughout the whole song, and multiple references to mild psychedelics: MDMA, DMT, etc. A brilliant merging of subject and means, if you ask me.

“Spider” features a boisterous female on the third verse, and so do most other tracks — a feature that cast light on a much more flexible, vulnerable side to Bob DeNiro.

“Was It Real” is one of the most emotional tunes from the album; featuring Meelah Mylove, she comes through with her soulful sweet-toned vocals and you can feel the raw emotions via DeNiros’ verse. This song is highly therapeutic and, as the title suggests, echoes the reality of introspective moments in a past relationship.

The album “Evil Genius 2” is definitely a project that any worthwhile fan of hip hop/rap should put on their watchlist. You’ll certainly be in for a rollercoaster of emotions as Bob DeNiro takes us through everything ranging from upbeat fast-paced tracks; to the somber releases nested within the project & finally to a rapper that the crowds can connect to issuing warning shots to any person who might dare mess with him in his rise to greatness.

To get a taste of this authentic masterpiece; follow the attached link, stream it to its entirety and save and share the tracks that you most resonate with.

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