In today’s ever-evolving and highly competitive music industry, being recognized as a leader and authentic artist requires more than just a high level of expertise. Critically acclaimed indie alternative rock artist Big Bus Dream is appreciated and admired for his depth and maturity in expressing such deep emotions and sensitivity in each of his songs. His diverse, old-school vocal range stands out, unlike any voice you might have encountered. All of this, combined with his warm charismatic personality, powerful, courageous attitude, and readiness to convey vulnerability through his avant-garde musical ideas, has resulted in a promising career of everlasting classics for his ardent fan base and new listeners alike.

Big Bus Dream draws inspiration from the tranquility of his dreams. He has won the hearts of millions worldwide, and with a committed internet following that continues to increase daily, he is establishing himself as one of the most powerful male figures in the independent music scene.

The moment now belongs to Big Bus Dream and his latest full-length project, dubbed “C’mon Dream”- a 13-track project that was inspired by actual dreams. Each track represents a subconscious state of mind, and together they make up this powerful body of work that is spellbinding and seriously transportation!

“Die Just A Little” fits the description of a timeless classic in grandness and scope. Displaying such virtuosic guitar strumming and ingenious, awe-inspiring showmanship, Big Bus Dream transports a listener to one of those nights where the dream comes alive. The tune features some stripped-back melodic moments and beautifully contrasting intensive moments, cutting across rock and folk diligently. His velvety tone and impeccable flows accentuate the weight of the lyrics here.

“C’mon Dream,” the title track and also the lead single, revels in its distinct musical identity and brilliantly soulful demeanor. This richly eclectic brew is catchy and upbeat, with a memorable hook at its core, where the gist of the tune resides.

The succinct lyrics and spacious and mellow production in “In My Mind” wrap around a listener like a warm embrace, stirring their soul and hitting them right in the spot every time. This is the kind of music that has replay value and is the perfect tune for driving alone with nothing but a clear road spread out for you, and the music is serenading your soul.

“Dying Before I Sleep” is another bona fide standout with an undeniable blues feel and quite the heartfelt revelation that has been baked with strong emotions, eliciting equally strong feelings from within a listener. Big Bus Dream’s voice is silky with such a sultry range that accounts for this track’s broad-based appeal.

“House On The Corner” paints a vivid picture of a lone house in a corner that appears in one’s dreams, and true to your imagination, this tune is beautifully haunting. The guitars spread delightful melodies all around, the drums are effortlessly precise and straight to the point, and Big Bus Dream’s vocals are golden and inject the song with that touch of elegance and rhythm.

There is no denying that this album is magnificent all around. While there are plenty of tracks that stand out as singles and would probably be more than worthy of your time and playlist, listening to this album from top to bottom is highly advised for you to fully experience this musical odyssey that transcends time and place…this is sonic excellence captured in ways that are hard to explain but easy to listen to! This album is streaming on all major platforms and is also available for purchase through the website

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