She is sassy, savage, and massively talented, and when you watch how she moves, you can tell she’s got the tactics to maneuver just about anywhere, which is one of the recipes needed to succeed in whatever. A half Dominican and half Bahamian who was born in New York City on April 16th, 1997, bettythebandit is about to astonish the rap music world with her music. Music has always been her first love, and even when she didn’t know how, she always knew she wanted to pursue a career in music. Shy at first and not really ready to commit, she has finally decided to put her fears back on the shelf and make a run for it. At her core is the principle that if you can believe, it, you most certainly can achieve it!

As a former stripper, bettythebandit certainly knows the way to people’s hearts, ears, and eyes (cheeky right), and she is about to drop those rhymes most people want to hear. The West Coast is renowned for its rip-roaring Drill sound- bettythebandit is about to take the sound to a new level altogether with a seamless blend with Latin pop and futuristic rap!

She has teased a new project, “Koochie” on her social media platforms, which I presume is a single off of her upcoming EP. The 30-second clip is enough for anyone to know what bettythebandit is about to bring to the music table; power play and infectious anthems that will get everybody on their feet in no time.

Tapping into her own and others life experiences, you can expect her music to carry both the weight of impact, the braggadocios attitude, as well as the bubbly,  entertaining quality that will make you come back for more when you need a spirit boost!

It is now okay to say the future is bettythebandit as she dives deep into the creative process to showcase what she is made of—I’ve got a clue it’s something close to steel!

Follow bettythebandit on all her social media platforms to keep tabs on her endeavors and be part of this history-making moment we are all about to witness!

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