Barcenilla Forget You

Barcenilla is a nonconformist whose musical style is wide and extensive; he is equally at home on relaxing R&B beats as he is on incredibly shimmering Hip-hop, pop, and Latin tracks! There’s something about his voice that makes his musicality stand out; his vocals are full of emotion and highly powerful, clear, and pure. It’s not like he’s trying; the way they easily seem raw and crispy and unadulterated is beyond words. This is a really strong aspect of his talent, and I genuinely see a star quality to his musicianship that is synonymous with the music industry’s A-listers, and I believe he is criminally underrated!

He comes through with a very special track that is soothing and emotional; “Forget You” is melancholic-tinted but mystically delightful. The gist of this tune resides where the charming laid-back acoustic groove supports his cleansed vocals as he delivers a very touching chorus that gets a listener every time!

There is a way that laid-back acoustic vibe compliments his vocals so that they come out with clarity and distinction and he handles the moment with admirable professionalism- delivering a rewarding vocal performance that draws a listener in from the first moment all the way to the last one. You can tell the words come straight from his heart and there is that emotion the lyrics carry that resonates with most of us who have suffered heartbreaks for loving the person who was not right for us at that moment!

The music video is a cinematic affair that underscores the theme the tune is trying to portray so perfectly- the water scene was such a clever depiction of how staying in a toxic relationship might just hurt you in the long run as you drown slowly and before you know it, you are completely submerged and struggling for air!

Everything in this track is top-notch; the beguiling acoustic groove, the passionate vocal delivery and the symbolic visual filmography that has so far served as a fitting accompaniment to the song’s message.

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