It’s safe to say that Jordan-based hip hop star Banna’s life has always revolved around music; as a fun outlet for him, this phenomenal lyricist from the Middle East started releasing his music professionally in the year 2020, with his debut track “Ace of Spades” receiving unanimous acclaim from a huge faction of hip hop aficionados who were fascinated by the swift lyrical delivery and the effortless charm to Banna’s performance. Ever since, he has never slowed down, growing from strength to strength, leveraging on the bulging wave of momentum, and blending his artistic skills with his tremendous dedication to leave an indelible footprint on the hip-hop scene.

I have been playing the banger “READY” repeatedly, and it just gets better with each successive listening experience. This is the kind of track that just keeps replaying in your head even when you are not listening to it!

An embodiment of an authentic trap anthem, the track starts invitingly with some coruscating percussion before Banna dives in with the catchy hooks that form the chorus for this smash record; it goes like, “Tell everybody that I’m ready

Whatever it is let’s go get it

Time is of the essence

I got rip more of my blessings

So I can give out more presents”

Throughout his delivery, it will not escape you how Banna strikes the perfect balance between singing and rapping; when he sings, it’s just like he raps, and when he raps, it’s just like he is singing- either way, he is so natural at it you just don’t want him to stop.

As a loyal hip hop head myself, “READY” made an impression on me and has been on loop most of the time. This is the sort of anthem that can boost the vibe in any occasion; whether you are just listening in the ambiance of your home, working out in a gym, or just on a night out with friends.

If you are the kind to chase your dreams and live your life without necessarily needing anyone’s stamp of approval, then you better sing out loud to “READY” and make it your go-to anthem!

Follow the attached link and let this smash project infiltrate your playlist!

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