There is no other band that does it quite like the three-piece BadCameo- flourishing with their strikingly remarkable funky style of music, they bring to within touching distance what can be described as heaven on music! Their scintillating style of music blends old-school funk with the more relatable and modern R&B and pop to design a sound that will have you begging for more once you have a taste of it. You get hooked right from the start and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it- except maybe sing along and dance wildly to it! They ooze charisma and unbridled energy and you can always feel it escaping through the speakers in every record they produce.

They never rest (I think they might have taken the phrase “you can sleep when you die” too literally!) as they have been on a marvelous rampage all over, performing from one city to the next, and not once did their pot of energy dry up. They absolutely need to tell us what they consume (might actually save humanity!). Continuing with their ordained mission to spread good vibes and great times with their music, they have a new bouncing baby on the way that is set to be delivered on August the 5th- he has been named, “Friday Night Time Warp.”

This is a 10-piece magical collection and you can guess from the title what it is all about, and yes you are right, the party is about to go down! For all those who love their music painted with that high-vital energy for the dance floor, then worry no more for BadCameo are about to make your dreams come true. There is uniqueness, versatility, and staggering elegance from one track to the next while the whole album still manages to remain seamless and coherent as a bona fide body of work!

You will enjoy the striking melodies that split the cadence lines of the old-school funk, R&B, and pop style with the luxurious instrumental play ensuring you remain on the floor- dancing with reckless abandon like no one’s watching!

Follow BadCameo on their attached socials so as to keep tabs on them and you can now pre-save this album before it is officially dropped on the 5th of August. Sounds like a deal right!

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