Baby Rouge Run Away

Baby Rouge took a huge risk in abandoning everything and relocating in pursue of her dreams in what might have seemed far-fetched to others but that leap of faith is now paying off as her electro-pop-inspired music has taken the music industry by storm (some are still not sure what has hit them!) After the deserved success of her debut single, “Feelings”, Baby Rouge is set to enter the stage with another big energy EDM and electro-pop embellished track dubbed, “Run Away” which will be made available officially on the 23rd of September 2022.

This tune is much more than the vivacious groove it will be bringing- it’s also about the inspiration behind it; drawing from her own life experiences from the severe sickness and trauma she suffered to leaving everything behind and selling her personal belongings so as to follow her passion and dream in music, “Run Away” is a special track that reminds you not to wait any longer for what you want to do; the right time is now because nobody knows what tomorrow holds!

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Never postpone being happy and grateful even for a microsecond for that would turn out to be your last second. You have to savor this life, chase your dreams, risk where it’s worth, fall in love, make those adventures, smile more often and smile to strangers. This is that tune that pays homage to a life worth living because there is no point in leading a mediocre life.

As always you can expect a thriller that will be full of spirit and vigor backed by a dazzling amount of melody and rhythm to get you on your feet all night long as you dance with reckless abandon to the infectious and powerful beats.

Baby Rouge Run Away

Baby Rouge always brings her A-game and this is not expected to be any different; follow her everywhere so as to receive real-time updates on this and her future projects.

Follow the attached link so as to pre-save “Run Away” to be among the first to listen when it finally drops.

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