Avaraj is an up-and-coming artist and singer with a penchant for writing infectious tunes and relatable narratives. She is inspired by pure determination and an unwavering spirit to tell the world her stories through her own music, using her own voice. Her music journey began many years ago with some hiccups along the way, that never waned in her conviction. Being an avid storyteller, Avaraj is greatly influenced by real-life events, drawing inspiration for her music from personal experiences and hardships, which allows her to invoke strong emotions in listeners. She writes her music just like she writes her personal diary, with pure honesty and vulnerability, allowing the listener to find their own stories within her lyrics.

After making headlines with her full-length album, “Til Death”, Avaraj is back with another emotional and melancholic single dubbed “Goodbyes” that was actually inspired by the passing of her grandmother after grappling with Alzheimer’s and finally succumbing to it.

Deeply personal and melancholic, you can feel the raw emotions of sadness in her voice, and she really hits all the right notes with her graceful tone and allows the listener to feel every ounce of emotion that inspired this track.

It’s never easy to say goodbye, especially when it’s someone so close to you, and sometimes we just don’t understand why it has to happen, why we have to say goodbye, and why we have to lose the people we love most.

 I love the guitar foundation right from the intro and how it forms the melodic backbone for this track, in addition to the striking percussion that provides the perfect bed of support for her stunning vocals to thrive.

This is one of those performances that hits you right in the spot and leaves an indelible mark thanks to the honest, introspective, and vulnerable songwriting.

With this tune, Avaraj continues her unfaltering reputation as a mature lyricist and impressive vocalist.

To enjoy this soul-stirring performance, follow the link and make sure you add this song to your music playlist.

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