Augustwolf is the collaborative project of multi-instrumentalists, composers, and producers Douglas Wolf Reid from the USA and Ukrainian Oleh Andrievsky. Two artists who share similar creative visions and styles—the two of them who met online decided to blend their musical tastes together, and that is how Augustwolf was born.

Augustwolf describes the whole creation of “Visual Music” as being quite complicated, particularly due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, which brought with it all manner of challenges. Determined to see it through, Augustwolf did everything in its power, and that is how we got such an extraordinary body of work that hits its listener emotionally even without words.

Augustwolf delivers a truly incredible sound with “Visual Music”- the way they build up each and every track in here, allowing each song to transition into the next whilst the whole album still maintains its authenticity, is mind-blowing, to say the least.

The track “Pursuit” for example has been delivered with that edge of rock from the melodies that recall an earlier time in rock when music provided that sense of journey. Over the course of this tune, Augustwolf presents a deft arrangement and pristine flow to keep you captivated throughout the track’s length.

I also love the buildup of the masterpiece “Ukraine Peace and War” which starts with a mellow emotional tone before the cinematic instrumentals start transcending in a way that fits perfectly with the track’s theme about the need for an end to the atrocities being committed in Ukraine and for peace to resume in the land.

Towards the end, Augustwolf significantly allows the track to adapt that stripped-back feel in a befitting manner—a truly gracious composition here.

In that spirit of offering diversity and variety, “Jimmy Jam” is a country-flavored piece that feels refreshing and echoes the simple pleasures in life, such as drinking a cold beer under the roof of a beach bar. With its catchy melody and immaculate arrangement, this track immediately becomes a favorite and a must-listen for anyone looking to kick back and enjoy the good times.

Throughout this album, you will be made aware of multi-instrumentalists, composers, and producers at the pinnacle of their creative expression, going above and beyond to ensure that you have a memorable listening experience that is cathartic and visceral.

“Visual Music” is less heard and more experienced. The world deserves music like this…you could do with more music like this!

Follow the attached link to stream and find out which tracks from the collection you enjoy more to add to your favorite playlist.