Asher Laub Raataan Lambiyan

Welcome to the violin executionist world of Asher Laub- a musical curator who has been conserving some of the most memorable and grand melodies of our time and bringing them back in time with the touch of his skilled fingerprints and authentic artistry. Like a marvelous ring of fire, the pure volcanoes he emits from the alluring sound as he displays indisputable adroitness and innate charisma are beyond words! This is a walking work of art; beyond forgery, beyond imitation, and certainly beyond valuation!

You will be fascinated by the limitless scope of his art and will marvel at such a level of physical greatness unfolding before your naked eyes and ears. Crafting another mausoleum of the melodic spark that sits at the touchstone of bona fide radiance, he is back with a striking violin cover for “Raataan Lambiyan” in the famed 2021 Bollywood film, “Shershaah”- he displays a marvelous amount of showmanship and virtuosity and delivers a breathtaking masterpiece that requires several repeated listening experiences for the elegance to register and sink in!

This is raw passion and you can tell right from the beginning that he has an undying love for his craft. Performing Indian pieces leave alone this particular one ain’t a walk in the park and the way he does it faultlessly is certainly the mark of a consummate wizard. There is that strong connection he built with that original piece in the film that gives you nostalgia whilst he still manages to add a splendorous authenticity and that unfeigned and sparkling ‘Asher touch’ that leaves his indelible mark all over.

This is staggering musicality on the show and the beautiful scenery of Maui that it was performed makes the whole of this a hypnotic affair, to say the least. You will absolutely love every minute of it as you play it on repeat, trying to wrap your head around all this captivating flamboyance!

To quench your thirst for this powerful ballad; follow the attached link, make sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel, watch it, give it a like and share it with family and friends to make their day!

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