Mixing elements of the beautiful and expansive EDM sound, house, techno, dubstep, and synth wave, Armaville’s eclectic music weaves a unique tapestry of song and emotion that reflects his growth and exposure to different cultures from the many places he has been raised in. His sound is more like a culturally satisfying experience with a little something for every generation, which is why his meteoric rise to stardom at this point is really inevitable.

“Lodo” is the type of transcending EDM masterpiece with tech house and trance sensibilities that really jump out at a listener with that impressive blend of rhythm and melody, right from the word go!

A bona fide standout, I just love how Armaville allows this track to stand out as a higher BPM record that is balanced with ambient and intensely raw synths that are progressive and haunting.

“Lodo” is a virtuosic highlight to Armaville’s broad musical taste as a DJ and one that melodically narrates Armaville’s introspection on night outs, looking for shining light in the darkness that could just be for the moment or forever.

Driven by deep production and that progressive house soundscape, this is a glorious, high-spirited, and dance-inducing mix that brings listeners from all walks of life into Armaville’s world and is such a joy to just get lost in it.

“Lodo” really took me back to the heydays of 2010 electronic dance music, with its pioneers like Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, and others making us fall in love with that sound forever. “Lodo” undeniably translates for any dance floor globally and is why I am recommending this special banger to you right this moment!

Follow the attached link and start moving with reckless abandon because once those beats start streaming in, there is no holding back I am afraid!

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