Argo - Exhilarating

Undertaking as many unique approaches to musical art as possible, Paris-based music producer, composer, and sound engineer Argo is one of the most ambitious and creative producers out there who has managed to put together a very versatile and nostalgic signature eclectic sound that spans funk, soul, house, disco, R&B, and many other genre influences.

His latest single, “Exhilarating,” on which he featured the strikingly gifted vocalist Estanto, is effective in its mastering and energetic in its performance value. Seamlessly blending a diligent breakthrough sound that has the dancing glow and the melodic approach, Argo infuses an insatiable dose of energy that makes you want to dance jubilantly to this masterpiece.

At its heart, “Exhilarating” is diverse at best; I feel there are subtle elements of dance-pop blended with innovative curiosity with the soul and funk elements to engineer something that is nostalgic and relevant…timeless and yet completely of the moment.

It was a good idea to work with a singer in this jam- Estano’s enchanting and captivating female vocals breathe life into the track and make it feel like an anthem that invites its listener to sing along as they dance with reckless abandon.

“Exhilarating” is the kind of track that revives your soul, and before you know it, this tune is already a favorite that you can’t get enough of. With a release of this high standard, Argo continues to announce to the world what a profoundly versatile artist he is.

Indeed, it is the variety and complexity of his tailored delivery that plants an important flag for a career that is destined to flourish in the saturated music production landscape.

“Exhilarating” is already on heavy rotation everywhere and the kind of track I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone, especially electronic music devotees who love a little bit of everything in their music!

Follow the attached link so as to listen to this track and don’t forget to add it to your playlist.

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