Anya Randall Nebel draws inspiration from a wide range of musical genres as a music producer and independent artist, which enables her to craft a richly eclectic sound that defies easy classification while remaining accessible. As a multi-dimensional artist, she is a standout in the music industry’s landscape of innovators. With her dedication to artistic growth and ability to tap into universal emotions, Anya continues to shape eclectic music with her unique sound and storytelling abilities. Join her on this diverse journey as she dares to be unique while remaining relevant, empowering, and inspiring while still entertaining!

Anya is preparing for the release of her new EP, “Random,” a striking 5-track collection that is expected to officially drop on December 8, 2023, on all the major streaming platforms. Having previewed the EP, I can affirm that this project is indeed worth the anticipation.

Blending her signature classical jazz with a refreshing EDM reinvention, “Random” stands out in today’s music market. Anya restores the artistry and originality to classical and electronic dance sound design, in contrast to the typical EDM producer, who might create one hit and then similar tracks. This project offers both cerebral excitement and immersive escapism through its finely curated, consistently unique music.

“Anyone Had A Heart” begins with a melodious, classically inspired soundscape. The track slowly builds, backed by stunning vocals, before the highly energetic and surging electronic sound is summoned. The hypnotic melody takes the listener deeper into the track, with twists and turns that keep things intriguing throughout. The energy of the song ebbs and flows, creating a sense of movement and progression that is both captivating and refreshing.

 “For A Few Dollars Extended” captivates from the start, enticing listeners to the dance floor with its infectious rhythm. The meticulous attention to detail and dexterous execution are why this song will remain in your own head even after the final notes have disappeared!

“Moonlight Sonata” features ground-shaking bass, powerful synths, and explosive electronic influences that resonate with intensity and depth. This track is actually hypnotic and irresistibly energetic.

“Symphony 40” encapsulates the magic of electronic dance festivals, with neon lights, vibrant energy, and celebratory music. It’s a melody woven from memories—a reminder of the euphoric nights when the world faded away and the music became our heartbeat!

 “Crazy” is a captivating anthem with a robust house arrangement and striking female vocals that make it irresistibly engaging.

“Random” is a project not to be missed, showcasing Anya’s artistry and authenticity within the realms of classical jazz and electronic dance music.

All you have to do now is mark December 8 on your calendar, follow Anya everywhere, and keep calm!