Antarctic - Nervous

Dreamy started his music journey by pursuing his talents and dreams to get to the next level and inspire others. As an artist and creative, his goal is to help the world, bring hope and positivity, and make music that makes people feel less alone—one that makes them want to sing their lungs out as they move their bodies recklessly! Dreamy presents the most vibrant, rhythmically energetic, and melodically intricate music. He has made a reputation with the prominent delivery in his voice and the ability to harmonize melodies around hip-hop.

The Antarcticrecord remix for the single “Nervous” is a must-have track in your music library; it is rhythmically deep and delivered in a hauntingly familiar melodic way that cannot be denied even by the most passionate critics!

You’ve got to love the way Dreamy makes this an addictive anthem that leaves a desirable taste in the ears of its listeners. Those beats and the melodic rap-pop delivery will remain with you outside of the jam, making it special.

I like the guitar solo at the intro and how it lays the foundation, and then there is that ear-grabbing and tweeter-tearing bass that beats closer to the rib cage. On a scale of 1-10, I’m giving this remixed version a solid 11… it’s that good.

At its heart, “Nervous” is all about the anxiety surrounding relationships where you know maybe you make someone tense, but one way or the other, you don’t care because it’s perhaps not what you bargained for!

“Nervous” is an easy recommendation for anyone who enjoys artists who go out of their way to create that deep connection with the listener, just like Dreamy.

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