Anna Richter emerges with the raw, soulful energy that R&B and pop devotees live for, solidifying herself as an artist for any era. The beauty of her voice is matched only by her incredible penmanship, as she taps into common human experiences with her relatable lyrics. She stands out in any crowded room as she is not afraid of surrendering her own vulnerability, writing from a place of both tenderness and strength. If you are looking for the kind of music that feels like it was plucked from a chapter of your life or diary, then Anna Richter is the artist for you. Grab a seat and let her sing to your heart!

Her latest release is dubbed “Hey” and it is an emotional track that sees her pour her heart out, wearing her heart on her sleeves, and capturing the raw emotions of the track with the color and beauty of her gentle yet powerful voice.

The depth of this track’s lyricism has been delightfully complemented by the skillful execution of the music. The production is laid-back with a guitar-driven melody that provides the perfect backdrop, attractively complementing Anna’s scene-stealing vocal performance.

Singing about a love that has hit a wall and there is nothing really left, her words are raw and honest, as her beautiful voice vividly paints pictures of what the song is all about.

By the end of your listening experience, you will indeed feel that what you have just listened to was special and emotional as well. Her hauntingly beautiful voice, the impressive range she showcases, as well as the gentle production, are why “Hey” is more than guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your heart and soul.

Authentic, relatable, and memorable, “Hey” is an ear candy that deserves its place in your favorite playlist. Find a home for it and go a step further by sharing it with your friends and family.