Amyr is about the next big thing to blow up in the rap industry. He has proved time and again that he is already qualified for the big leagues coming through with innate charisma and a natural talent for rapping; he seems to have lived many lives. He has always honed his skills each time coming harder with bangers that ooze charisma and aura of attractiveness, raw talent, and deserved acclaim!

Amyr flawlessly glides over the charming trap beats in his trademark fashion showcasing his unique ability to create melodies off of elegant beats. His repertoire of groundbreaking tunes is made up of aesthetically pleasing rap anthems such as; “Tolerance”, “Safety route’, “War Poem” and his recently released 13-track album “Proud of Me”

Amyr just signed a new deal with West Coast powerhouse management company “Black Jack Ent” based out of Milwaukee in Wisconsin and he now has a platform and umbrella to cover him from the industrial storms as he takes on the music world in style and fashion! And like a toast to the success about to follow and his shimmering star that will be illuminated brightly following this move; his first release is dubbed “Seeing Stars” and he featured fellow artist and producer OMB PEEZY- this invigorating tune is exactly what you need to inspire your soul and uplift your spirits!

Stepping onto the crossing line of exploding melodicism, Amy rearmed with his rap tools bombards the beats with his skillful and punchy attacks as he handles the moment with fame and popular appeal, delivering a rap masterpiece that is as entertaining as it is insightful. The bulky weight of wisdom in the words behind the lyrics is strong and offers any listener some thoughts to meditate about.

The star is shimmering as brightly as on that clear night and the future is more important now; we have to prepare for it by stacking up those dollars to ensure that we, our kids, and our families have the best life we can afford to provide. Ensuring the message gets home; OMB PEEZY complements this blazing anthem in his own fresh, original and authentic way flexing his lyrical muscles in all the endearing ways possible to a listener!

Amyr is about to achieve superstardom like he is primed to and he is the artist to look out for this year and above as he promises to take his artistry to the next huge level!

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