Amorelle is a singer-songwriter and producer, originally from San Francisco and currently based out of NYC. Her voice, gracious and crystal clear, carries a golden tone that is as powerful as it is smooth. The way her voice gently and smoothly glides through melodies, guiding listeners through her emotive songs, is always rewarding. Her music is often noted for its free-spiritedness, unorthodox savviness, and avant-garde influences. She brings a level of originality and wholesome lyricism with her old school powerhouse vocal range, which has been compared to artists such as Mariah Carey, Chaka Khan, and Minnie Ripperton, though listeners have also said that she definitely has a sound and strength of her own.

 She’s back with a new project dubbed “On the Path 2”- an 8-track tour de force that sees her authenticate sensational music with replay value as an ode to her undeterred passion for music and her musical luminaries such as Mariah Carey, Etta James, Minnie Ripperton, Chaka Khan, and others.

The opening track, “When You’re Around,” exudes a great vibe and is ready for summer. The upbeat and catchy beat backed by Amorelle’s mellifluent delivery displays her oodles of talent and such an angelic voice that shines. The colorful sax in the arrangement adds flair and elegance to the mix. The catchy, repeated hooks certify this as an anthem that invites you to sing along. This wholesome performance left such a lasting impression on me. That instrumentation is luxuriously stylish, and the voice is golden!

“Tensions” is another powerfully soulful track that builds from a mellow intro to an intriguing blend of percussive and wind instruments, enhanced by a breathtakingly haunting vocal performance, all of which add to the track’s replay value. This is one of those performances that instantly captivates you. Her soulful and resonant voice evokes both emotion and authenticity.

With the affirmative track, “On the Path (Affirmations)”, Amorelle performs with a hopeful and sensual tone over the stripped-back melodic arrangement, with the focus on the empowering lyrics and her beautiful lead and backing vocal harmonies. The way she eases into its unique and beautiful flow with her raw and organic voice that is as real as it gets, demonstrating such depth and maturity, is why this is undeniable ear candy.

The beat in “Angel” is deep and intense, and her performance is emotional, heartfelt, and soul-stirring. This is a showcase of an artist who isn’t afraid of wearing her heart on her sleeve in order to connect with the listener on a deep personal level.

The beat in “More Than Friends” is really hypnotic, and the vocal performance is out of this world. She feels so at home with her neo-soul, pop, and R&B elements, pushing the genre boundaries in a unique and accessible way. I fear I lack enough words to convey the depth of my feelings towards this catchy and spellbinding performance.

Amorelle may not put herself in a box musically, but she’s ticking all the right boxes. She is a rare gem who’s hidden amid the grit of the music scene. Her brave spirit is matched by her innovative musical vision and delivery.

“On the Path” is now streaming on all the popular streaming platforms; follow the attached link and relish in every single note.

To Amorelle, music is much more than a job; it’s a way of life. It’s her connection to the universe. It is her hope that you listen to this album while you work, study, and drive!

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