Genuine hip hop has been exceedingly scarce in recent years. Many contemporary artists have lost their relation to their origins, completely succumbing to mass demand. There are still musicians who try their hardest not to give up on the lure. Amari Mar, for example, has created a delicate balance between traditional rap beats and the contemporary hip hop genre in his spectacular rap album ‘Grand Rising,’ thus bridging the gap between old and new generations.

The glorious melodies of old-school hip hop, encapsulated by the spirit of the age, provided a distinct sense of warmth and inspiration. Amari Mar, a seasoned hip-hop rapper from Brooklyn, NY, is determined to enrich the genre with his lyrical works.

Although the whole entire album is a regal body of work, ‘Head Up High’, ‘King Sh!T‘ and ‘Nothing To Prove are hands down our favorite tracks.

‘Head Up High’ is differentiated by a nostalgic and melodic looping rhythm, a high energy intensity, and outstanding verses. In the magnificent lyrical soundscape, his robust voice comes to the rescue of the life-breathing. His lively vocal talent adds to the wordplay, making it more entertaining and appealing to the listener, which is not often heard in today’s contemporary Rap era.

‘King Sh!T’ progresses with a gentle and rewarding instrumental tune that maintains a consistent rhythm, seamlessly mixing with his hard-core rap delivery. His flow grabs you by the throat and requests your attention – and he never disappoints, leaving you with verses made up of eye-opening subject matter and words that tie it all together into one concoction juggernaut.

Most intriguing are the subtleties that occur in all the right places in ‘Nothing To Prove.’ Amari Mar gives it his all on this track, keeping his finely crafted moves skillfully witty and flexible. There’s a strength and an untamed hard-hitting vocal delivery with multi-faceted angles that make ‘Nothing To Show’ into the true banger it is.

In the rap movement, the album established a precedent and made a point. It represents the artist’s perseverance, determination, belief, and stamina in achieving the pinnacle of his career. Amari Mar has mastered the art of incorporating a variety of rhyming techniques to create a flawless sound that represents both his personality and his creativity. His fearlessness is also expressed in the album’s lyrical and musical quality.