Amai Kuda Et Les Bois, a burgeoning artist with a beautiful voice and a superb sound design, has always concentrated on the less-traveled roads to preserve and speak her reality, and the iconic star has risen to release her new single ‘Ecouché’

Her most recent release, ‘Ecouché,’ is a harmonious track that attracts the listener with its pleasing tune and delicate complex vocals that keep swinging seamlessly between her vocal emotions and multi-faceted musical style. Lyrically, she talks about her struggle as a woman of African descent to transcend internalized sexism, racism, and the negative stigmatization of African spiritual values in order to come into her power as an artist, community leader, and, most importantly, traditional healer.

Her vocal prowess and sound arrangements, which are groovy, linear, and often surprising, take the single to a whole new level. Her musical creations have undeniably pushed music to new frontiers as a result of her exploring with her ingenuity in the very special genre.