With the deluxe edition of his sophomore album, “Rhythm and Vibration” the up-and-coming Long Island, New York, rapper is once again putting his talent on display for his ever-expanding fans across the country, mirroring his ironclad reputation and a relentless work ethic that has so far flanked his burgeoning career. Ever since his entry into the realm of hip-hop, rap, and R&B, Young has rapidly emerged as a prominent up-and-comer in the dynamic hip-hop music scene.

“Rhythm and Vibration (Deluxe Edition)” is rooted in the traditionalism of the hip-hop genre; whatever it is you can imagine in rap music, you will find it here: the punchlines, cerebral wordplay, gritty production, old-school vibes, infectious hooks, hypnotic rhymes, drill anthems…you name it and watch as Amagiri Young delivers.

The album also features striking cameos from guest performers Benny The Butcher on “Hustlers,” Slim400 on “Trust Nobody,” and Nu Broadway on “On Ya Head.”

As someone who was quickly enamored by life on the Long Island streets, you can feel how these experiences helped shape his raw lyrical and gangsta-inspired content, which he happily flaunts in the track “Hustlers,” featuring guest emcee Benny The Butcher. His experience with hustling runs deep throughout this performance that serves as the perfect soundtrack for the clubs, streets, and lifestyle of determined go-getters from wherever the tracks find them.

The beat in “Money Sex Murder” is powerful, and Young’s voice is raw and expressive, ideal for the track. And here, the hitmaker doesn’t mince his words when it comes to displaying who is running the show, and we’d have it no other way. Through the menacing production, Young delivers brutal rhymes and hypnotic hooks that are hard-charging and daring.

“Thug Prayer PT.2” is a compelling blend of trap and drill, showcasing Young’s insightful perspectives over the mic as Young speaks to the mic like it’s his personal diary. This is such a deeply relevant message delivered with profundity and lyrical conviction, and it is an ode to always keep praying for all the hustlers and people going through a lot in life trying to survive each and every day.

The tune “Relations” highlights Young’s diverse range as an artist; this tune features a flavored old-school beat as Amagiri gently slides over with his rhythmically mesmerizing flows delivered in his R&B-influenced singing style that allows the gentle and emotional quality of the track to flourish. Delivered with a sad tone, this tune feels like it was inspired by the rollercoaster of relationships!

There is quite a lot for a listener to indulge in from this special collection that is unique and accessible.

Follow the attached link to stream “Rhythm and Vibration (Deluxe Edition)” in its entirety and let the songs you dig the most make their way to your stunning playlist.

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