While you may not have heard of the name just yet, you need to understand that Alzarius moves differently and flows differently; this Charleston, SC-based emcee is the embodiment of uniqueness and trademark, coming through with a style and strength of his own. Music has always been his undying passion as well as his favorite stamping ground, and even though he started to commit to rap in January of this year, he’s still got his whole future ahead of him. With the legit products he’s been selling so far, it won’t be long before Alzarius rises to become one of rap music’s authentic dealers. So, you are just in time to experience the indisputable rise to eminence of this first-class star, who is at the summit of his creative expression!

His third release of the year, “Psycho” sees Alzarius take things a notch higher with his masterful flows and rapid-fire freestyle rhymes, effectively shape-shifting and unleashing such a marvelous, hard-hitting lyrical performance that leaves a listener in awe.

He’s got that expressive voice that is ideal for the genre, and the beat here is heavy and catchy—such an intoxicating combination. When he flows, he flows smoothly like butter, offering inimitable energy and unequalled cadence.

He is such a strong presence over the beat, exuding confidence and charisma and cutting through with his razor-sharp wordplay and erudite punchlines that display his lyrical dominance.

His ingeniously referential approach to hip-hop and rap comes out clearly, and you can tell that this is the performance of an emcee seeking to assert his lyrical prowess thanks to the intense autobiographical narratives and thought-spurring lyricism unleashed here.

“Psycho” is already streaming on all the popular channels, and I know for a fact that any hip-hop and rap lover will automatically dig this outstanding beat and unique lyricism!

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