As ALEXX ascends in the eclectic music world, he breaks boundaries and stretches the limits of his imagination. As a black artist forging a path into established spaces, he is gaining recognition. His music has always spoken for itself and changed minds. His reach extends beyond America, captivating the world with his authentic music infused with emotional depth. His passion for poetry and love for various music genres have led to this moment—a moment of sonic excellence as he blends his musical passions and influences to create music that transcends mere appeal. How about you give him your ears?

“Vulnerable,” a masterpiece of retro pop music, exemplifies ALEXX’s peerless versatility. The captivating synth-pop beats provide perfect support for his bold and unmistakable vocal performance, as he vividly paints sensual pictures with suggestive lyrics.

Despite its unmissable retro quality, “Vulnerable” also possesses an unquestionable contemporary flair, as ALEXX strikes a balance between honoring the past and stepping into the present.

The wispy melodies at the intro create a cordial tone; it’s touchingly beautiful, inviting the listener before the synthetic pop beats are unleashed for good measure. The lively blend of rhythm and melody provides a beautiful backdrop for ALEXX’s passionate vocal performance, vividly painting sensual pictures with his graphic lyrics and infectious chorus.

Guest artist and rapper Bri Biase elevates the song with her scene-stealing performance, brilliantly providing a female perspective. Including her was a genius idea; her performance brilliantly contrasts with his, as she cleverly portrays herself as the one in charge.

The accompanying music video is a perfect complement to this track. It’s an impressive and striking visual that meets high standards, enhancing both the apologue and storyline.

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