Agaapi Summer Days

Musically speaking, this is the best era to be in, with artists and producers going out of their way to make sure we are thoroughly entertained. And that has been the mission for EDM music producer Agaapi who hails from Cleveland in Ohio. On his quest to curate a happy and dancing nation, he has been engineering some captivating EDM tracks colored with a plethora of other electronic dance-related styles to design exquisite tracks that are danceable and addicting! After literally “Lighting Up” our world with his deservedly acclaimed single, he has not looked back ever since, and he is now here with another charismatic and passionately blended EP dubbed “Summer Days.”

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“Oceanside” hit you with a tremendous wave of dazzling instrumental flow. It has added an intriguing tropical feel to it that whisks you to a beach summer party somewhere in Italy, where you are sipping espresso and eating gelato as you move your body to the beats and flash some bright smiles to strangers – giving ode to a life worth living and celebrating! The beats keep on transcending in rhythm and melody, and that is what makes this an imposing banger.

“Feel It” starts with some full-piano sounds that are soon accompanied by the blazing bass-draped beats with some attentive detail paid to the rickety synths that impressively haunt throughout to craft a sound that will stick to your head long after the track is gone. This tune echoes the eras of Swedish House Mafia and Avicii – the blending of the enchanting female vocals was also a compelling touch to it; sensational!

“Speed” is not for the lazy as it powers through with some vivacity and adrenaline-rushing gusto right from the beginning. This is the type to transport you right to the center of the dance floor, where you get to immerse yourself and get lost in its grandiose as you move with reckless abandon to the spectrum of beats on show.

“Take Care” has a chilled yet intense vibe to it and is the best track to pull up to at your next summer party just to get you in the mood. The stupendous production works impeccably well to engineer a party anthem that you could listen to all night long without getting bored.

This is what Agaapi does, and he hopes that you will forget all your worries, even if it’s for just one day, and get to enjoy some good times with great music!

To get a taste of this high-powered EP, follow the attached link. Stream the 4 tunes, save them as favorites and invite all your summer buddies for the parties of your lives!

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