The present form of pop music has evolved significantly, absorbing many rhythmic flavors from various genres and bringing about revolutionary changes. Abigail Winzer, an emerging singer/songwriter, showcases her distinctive blend of pop and EDM, breaking conventional boundaries and creating an unprecedented soundscape filled with divine tonalities. Her debut track “Current State,” in conjunction with Story Time, strikes a wonderful balance between the lovely melodies of pop and the various instrumental and techno aspects of EDM, creating an ultimate symphony.

The song begins with harmonized vocals and progresses with a build-up of sound and texture that reflects the lively intensity of her melodic yet passionate singing. “Current State” is immediately pleasant for its ability to match the personal connection of the voice and lyrics with a clear electronic backdrop, and it quickly matures into excellence as the concept and indeed the music resolve and connect on a much more immersive and ecstatic level.

It’s pop and EDM with a little something extra – a soundscape that transports the listener on a fascinating adventure guarded by ethereal beats and other spectacular auditory delights. And, of course, Winzer’s voice is wonderful even with all of the song’s ethereal beats. Whether delicate and intimate or bold and relaxed, the delivery is flawless, elegant, full of personality, and completely in line with the whole track’s genre-fusing character and bravado.

The irresistible song “Current State” demonstrates nostalgically heartfelt yet contemporary in its fast multicolored outpouring and beautifully energizing production, demonstrating collaborative strength and absolute awareness from a catchy EDM standpoint.

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