Abhi Ananda’s creative expression manifests in multiple ways: he is a singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, and music composer dedicated to preserving the purity of what has always been his passion ever since he was at a tender age. Moving on from his birthplace in Indonesia to the land of dreams in America so as to forge a bright future for his music career, he has been able to create an astounding cross-genre discography; displaying his real and rare talents as a versatile musician exploring the rabbit holes of sonic landscapes preferring instead to explore the rabbit sonic holes and stretch the boundaries of genre to the best of his ability!

Having listened to his previous album, “Exulansis,” I couldn’t help but get intrigued by his new project, now released, dubbed “Melophile,” which displays the versatility and dynamism that have characterized his career so far. This album is a departure from “Exulansis” in every other way and stretches the envelope of ambient, New Age, neoclassical, and piano-inspired music.

What Ananda has offered here is quite simply a transcendental listening experience as he borrows inspiration from everything in life—from its people, the environment, nature, and adventure to ensure you are thoroughly entertained as well as empowered and inspired!

The opening track “Daybreak” featuring another composer, Hisako Ozawa, is an exotic, raw piece of music that mentally prepares the listener for what to expect from the entire album; it embodies the depth, elegance, and variety offered throughout.

“Meliora” takes you to the depths of oceanic tranquility where peace and life abide thanks to the dulcet piano. As the track progresses, the melodic arrangement also evolves, especially with the addition of the guitar, bass, and electric riffs, to authenticate a subtle rock transcendence before the mellow, laid-back ending. The arrangement is exquisite, and the execution is simply outstanding!

“Won’t Say Goodbye” is another bona fide standout and features a lively concoction of the piano, guitar, bass, and drums, exuding such a classic jazz vibe with head-nodding energy. The arrangement is exquisite, and the execution is simply out of this world!

“Stargazing With You” is another lovely and sentimental ballad bursting with such piano virtuosity and awe-inspiring showmanship.

There is a lot for a music lover to ingest from this incredible collection that showcases the trailblazing personality of Abhi Ananda.