She came, she saw, and she conquered, and she’s still at it, astonishing the music world with her innate musical talent at just 10 years of age. Donning the professional stage name Aanvi . S, this striking young lady with a kind and creative soul possesses all the hallmarks of a born star—she was absolutely born for the spotlight, and her multifaceted career is shaping up to be nothing short of iconic. She boasts an impactful stage presence, a knack for writing, and a voice that evokes a range of emotions in her listeners.

Aanvi . S also takes influences from her Indian roots, which she happily integrates into her music to fashion a unique and accessible sound with worldwide appeal. She is also a skilled multi-instrumentalist and an accomplished dancer.

Aanvi . S is now making headlines following the release of her debut EP dubbed “Emotions,” a 4-track collection that has received widespread and deserved acclaim from far and wide as well as positive reviews from the music press, and it is easy to understand why: this is such an authentic and enchanting body of work from start to finish.

Aanvi . S is a bowl of spirit and charm, as exuded in that opening tune, “Light” that sees her exude a righteous, self-empowered swagger that is not normally associated with 10 year-olds, but as you can already tell, she ain’t no ordinary 10-year old.

Her personality aligns with the track’s theme of carving one’s own path. And you don’t really need to look far because she has already carved out her own path as the youngest pop artist to come out of New Zealand, which is such a great feat. This is an empowering anthem delivered with such artistic brilliance!

“Speak Up” features that cinematic touch right from the get-go that demands its listener’s attention immediately, followed closely by Aanvi . S’s golden voice that holds such effortless power. This is a pop masterclass that features inspirational quotes that anyone could use. I really love the line, “You don’t have to be rich or famous to do amazing things

Just believe in who you are and it’ll take you to amazing heights

So speak up, be proud of who you are

Speak up, your own dreams will take you far…”

In this tune, she challenges anyone listening to work with what they’ve got and go on to do amazing things.

“The Mirror” is another bona fide standout that gets off to a lush and mellow piano tune flanked by Aanvi . S’s crystal-clear, gracious voice is as powerful as it is gentle. She taps into her young, vulnerable soul and sparks a fire within that is heightened by that powerful percussive instrumentation.

The Mirror music video by Aanvi . S – YouTube

The eye-catching music video, complementing this moving single is at the core of this emotionally moving release because it complements the themes highlighted by the song itself and takes the overall message to a newer and higher level- taking the audience on a journey where they sway to Aanvi . S’ lyrics and beats but also understand the track’s inspiration further. It’s definitely worth checking out

The last tune, “Change Myself” is an ode to always being you in every way and never bowing down or folding to pressure to change your appearance, personality, or dreams to please others. A thoughtful, heartfelt, and compelling masterpiece that features an infectious chorus and a lovely arrangement, this song has that universal appeal.

“Emotions” serves as a groundbreaking milestone for this young artist’s music endeavors as it displays her growth and maturity not only as an artist but also as a person.

Featuring profound and ear-catching harmonies, Aanvi . S takes listeners on different aspects of life through her own lens, and it’s just brilliant to say the least.

Aanvi . S deserves everything good coming her way.

“Emotions” is now streaming on all popular platforms. Follow the attached link and savor this performance from a young ingenious creative soul with her sights set on the Grammys.

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