9 Naked Mannequins Ballads in the Key of Dark

9 Naked Mannequins is a two-piece band comprised of Johnny Neptune and A9NT9MCLEAN, who hail from the Bay Area in California. This multi-genre band has always been curating a very dynamic sound that does not conform to the restrictive boundaries of major styles. Here, you get treated to a wholesome cocktail and content that expertly amalgamates the scintillating psychedelic sound with the nostalgic funk and the improv of hip-hop. All the while, some firm foundations in futuristic pop are built around their multi-genre style for what is a breathtakingly ethereal sound you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

After the success of their debut EP, “Danger Pop”, 9 Naked Mannequins is back with another grand sophomore EP titled “Ballads in the Key of Dark”- a 5-track eclectic collection that focuses on the themes of love and loss. This is one of the most intriguing collections we’ve listened to in a while, and we can confidently say that this band is criminally underrated. This is no different from what you hear on the radio and also possesses that elegance and flamboyance of invention to make it a coherent body of work.

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“Ride Along” invites you to ride along the wave of entrancing melody that it possesses, and this tune right here echoes that opulent spirit of a hip-hop x pop type of thrill with the way the bass and guitar are accompanied by a splendorous spark of percussion design a deep and rhythmic melody that offers a glamorous bed of support for the self-assured vocals to flourish. So just immerse yourself in this moving body of euphony, and when you get there, 9 Naked Mannequins will most definitely wake you up!

“Rebel” makes a spectacular entry that is reflected in the melody that is flavored in that funk/pop allure with some hauntingly affecting vocal drops aligning themselves impeccably well beside the catchy hook section to heighten the impact this track carries. After you listen to this track, you absolutely don’t know what to do apart from falling in love with it! The rap section, later on, is also a significant highlight of why this is a straight favorite!

“Hide & Seek” has psychedelic warmth to it, and the blissful give and take in vocal presentation makes this an easy recommendation. This is a lovely ballad that further supports the truth this band is destined for greatness. You will also appreciate the sheer level of impact and thrill the other two tracks: “All Gone” and “Waves” carry, and I’m certain that from this collection, you will get at least 3 favorites, if not all 5 of them!

“Ballads in the Key of Dark” can now be accessed for streaming. And by following the attached Bandcamp link, you will get to support this genuinely gifted band as you enjoy some of the most stunning innovations in melody and lyrics.

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