While many of you might recognize her as Gabrielle Solange, a phenomenally gifted queen comes back to you as 7HO3NIX; – the mission hasn’t changed a bit – in fact, it has just gotten better; – 7HO3NIX has always written her songs with her heart on her sleeve and she doesn’t hold back in expressing her thoughts and feelings. After being out of the game for a while due to unavoidable circumstances, she is now back and better. Her aim is to write music that tells stories that everyone can relate to—whether you live in a big city, the countryside, or suburbia, 7HO3NIX’s songs will tell relatable stories about love, heartbreak, grief, commitment, ordeals, and adventures.

To put it plainly, 7HO3NIX wants her music to be the soundtrack of your life. Her new single, “It Is What It Is,” which is her first as 7HO3NIX, is a powerful anthem for anyone who has ever felt or still feels stuck in a depressing situation. This track is both a rallying cry for those struggling with untold pain, grief, and the fragility of love and a reminder that there is hope.

Riddled with catchy hooks, powerful licks, and relatable lyrics about the tragedy of looking for hope where it feels like there is none to find, this tune is sure to resonate with anyone who has ever been lonely and felt no one understood them.

7HO3NIX’s vocals are of the golden type and lusciously slink through the urban beats with such clarity and command. She displays such impeccable phrasing, and through her own delivery, the raw emotions are transferred into the listener’s heart and soul. I have been listening to this tune on repeat, and each time it just gets better.

I have a confession to make: talent at this level is few and far between. That blend of purposeful lyrics and warm urban melodies is spectacularly beautiful, and to back it all up, there is a complementary visual lyrics video out that is just as powerful as the track itself.

In this stunning video, the track is creatively stripped so you get to experience her vocals live with the mellow backing tunes’ ethereal fulfillment. In just under 5 days, it has managed to garner over 12K views, with the numbers projected to rise even further!

To experience this musical greatness, follow the attached link, subscribe to 7HO3NIX’s YouTube channel, watch and like the visually stunning lyric video, and leave a comment below on how you feel about this track.

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