YD Rich Carlton Virtouso

You can call him a lyrical maestro and Mr. Niceguy; YD Rich Carlton is originally from New Jersey and was raised in North Miami Beach. His family lives in New York and his style of drill music is a bit different to what you have been accustomed to. With drill music, it is always lyrists going all the way over blazing beats with their show-stopping bars- just hard-hitting bars and nothing else; this is where YD Rich Carlton comes in, he wants to add intrigue and thrill and so he also brings some lyrical juice of his own with some thought-provoking bars and also adds the proverbial melodic hooks to memorable effects!

His sensational tricks have become accepted with his ever-growing loyal fan base following him all through his journey. YD Rich Carlton is now back and is serving a straight fire album dubbed, “VIRTOUSO”- a 7-track mixtape with spectacularly innovated and preformed drill anthems- strap in for you are in for an unforgettable ride!

“I wanted You” features some charming guitar loops intro with the haunting, sweet male vocals following soon enough singing earnestly, “All I wanted is you.” YD Rich Carlton then makes his grand entrance in his trademark sing-song inspired lyricism as he goes on to deliver a memorable, addicting and remarkable performance over the mind-arresting heavy instrumentation that is capped by drill luminosity!

“Want Me” has a mind-boggling guitar intro performed with such theatrics and panache and with the sound blending some dutiful drums,  entrancing basslines, 808’s and resounding synths, YD Rich Carlton jumps into the thick of it and comes off as vulnerable delivering some infectious hooks and emotion-filled intricate bars.

The title track “VIRTOUSO” displays exactly why YD Rich Carlton is a virtuosic drill inventor as he delivers some thought-provoking lines over the blazing drill beats that slap hard than my father’s belt! He just goes with the flow and you can tell he really enjoys this as he grabs your attention from the 1st minute all the way to the last one!

There is something for everyone from this mixtape and that is why I’m recommending it to you right at this moment; follow the attached link and let the tracks that raise your goosebumps make it your favorite playlist!

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