Koolkidrockwell is a swiftly emerging lyrical star from Miami Florida. This young king has Cuban/Belizean roots and at just 24 years of age, he has 2 albums to his name and numerous singles and has also headlined famed events like the “Rolling Loud Miami 2016.” He has his eyes fixated on the prize and he is not slowing down until his music is making an impact from every corner of the world. He utilizes his avid storytelling ability to deliver impactful melodies that can be enjoyed by listeners of all ages and his versatility that allows him to flourish over any style has of course separated him from upcoming wannabes.

Koolkidrockwell is now back and already feeding us another single, “Get This Money” that is a masterpiece in anthem transcendence! From head to toe, this is an affecting anthem that has all the qualities of a radio staple.

Koolkidrockwell takes us on an impressive rollercoaster ride as he jumps right into the explosive wave of beats that amalgamate the dutiful drums, keyboard elements, the vintage synth lines, banging bass, and 808 to deliver a show-stopping lyrical performance.

I feel the gist of this fire banger rests on those infectious and repeated catchy phrases, “Let’s get this money,

Wake up let’s get this money” that makes the memorable hooks.

Between the earworming hooks, Koolkidrockwell delivers a blood-stirring rap performance, reminding listeners why he is undoubtedly the best young talent in Miami right now as he effortlessly drops some thought-provoking verses over the imposing beats that beg you to dance like no one is watching.

“Get This Money” is an encouragement to work extra hard in order to obtain the paper and escape poverty. Anyone who has ever been broke understands how it may inspire you to go to great measures to never go back there again.

This is a high-quality banger that is educative and entertaining all at the same time. I have no doubt that rap fanatics will dig this one deeply.

“Get This Money” is now out on all streaming platforms- follow the attached link so as to stream and let this tune elevate your playlist!

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